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As many people have noticed, when you hover over a user's icon on DW, the text you get is their username, not their display name. This can be rather annoying if you want to know the name of the person you're replying to, whether for RP or other purposes. A suggestion has been put in to change this, but we don't know right now if/when it'll actually happen. (If this is something you want, go to that entry and vote in the poll!)

In the meantime, though, there is a workaround... )
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So, what with the new comments system in beta on LJ (and really, half the other updates they make) causing hoards of RP people to at least consider moving over to DW, I thought it might be helpful to have a sort of guide to the differences between the two sites. There is already a page in the DW FAQ called A guide to Dreamwidth for LiveJournal users, which explains the differences in markup and terminology, so I'm not going to go into the basics of that. This is more specifically for things that would be of interest to RPers.

last updated Dec 30 (community imports, paypal proxies, more info/links on making HTML work, a few more things DW doesn't have, links, misc fixes)

the guide )

currently active DW RPs

[personal profile] zaluzianskya is maintaining a list of currently active RP communities on DW, and [personal profile] dwroleplay also has a second list, so be sure to check those if you're interested in that!

general dreamwidth guides

If you need more general Dreamwidth help, the following guides have a lot of useful information:
[personal profile] stepps: A list of Dreamwidth tutorials
[personal profile] sky: Dreamwidth resources
[personal profile] murdering: LJ to DW FAQ
[personal profile] kazzisato: Some help to settle in at DW

anything else

I pretty much wrote all of this from remembering what features I'd noticed, and glancing through the FAQs. I have probably forgotten something, and I'm sure there are features I didn't think were important and thus didn't include, which are actually very important to someone else. I'm happy to try to answer any questions, though I am by no means an expert on DW or RPing on DW, so I won't know the answer to everything. If anyone more familiar with an area of DW than I am has anything to add, definitely let me know and I'll add it in. (And please tell me if I've gotten anything wrong; I tried to double-check everything with either the FAQs or testing it myself, but it's entirely possible I missed something.)
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(In which I revive this journal because I don't want to put random RP tl;dr on my personal LJ and I don't have a random LJ account, but I do have like three random DW accounts!)

Oshitari's thoughts on this whole match with Niou thing:

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This account is...mostly for poking around on DW and being able to keep up with what's going on over here. And to snag this username.

In order to make it not completely useless, I'm also going to post stuff related to the webgame I'm working on here. Because the formatting and such will look so much nicer on here than in text files on my computer.

That stuff is going to be locked because I am extremely paranoid and this is mostly for my own use anyway, but people I've given access to are free to comment and give feedback on things.

[personal profile] peophin is required to give feedback on things because she has to fulfill her role as the other half of my brain >[ ♥